Bonnet Latch Blues

Bonnet Latch Blues

A whopping 20 % of U.K. drivers don’t know how to open the bonnet of their own vehicles, if that is not scarey enough half of motorists stranded on the hard shoulder with a flat tyre wouldn’t know how to replace it with a spare!

Approximately 7,000 breakdowns occur on UK roads daily, with tyre problems typically amongst the top 3 causes. Yet 1 in 6 of over 30’s would rely on their parents to sort the problem for them.

One in three motorists aged 18-25 declared they never checked if their tyres were properly inflated, while one in four haven’t analysed if tread depth is within legal limits.

Thankfully we aim to ensure our clients do know how to open their bonnets to access the engine bay in an emergency and how to change the tyre if it is the only option open to them and the vehicle does not have run-flat tyres fitted.

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