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Land Rover Repairs Chelmsford
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Jaguar Service Chelmsford
Jaguar Repairs Chelmsford
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Renault Repairs Chelmsford
We meet Land Rover’s rigorous standards for quality. Our service and maintenance ensures that your car and its warranty are fully protected. There’s no better place than a Land Rover Approved Service Centre. A Jaguar performs best when it’s maintained by experts. That’s why it’s important to have it inspected and serviced at the recommended intervals, at a dedicated Jaguar Approved Service Centre. Our professional team, combined with our trained technicians, ensure our customers receive an expert service and experience.
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Taylor’s for Service and Repairs of: Jaguar | Land Rover | Renault | Chelmsford

We offer the complete range of garage services, including service and repairs, which are perfectly tailored to Jaguar, Land Rover and Renault owners, offering a first class alternative to the higher priced main retailers.

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About Taylors: Jaguar, Land Rover and Renault Service and Repairs in Chelmsford

Taylor’s Service Centres is a family run company specialising in service and repairs of Land Rover, Jaguar and Renault in Great Dunmow close to Chelmsford, with over 28 years’ experience in the vehicle service, maintenance and repair industry.

Taylor’s Service Centre is an accredited and Approved Service Centre for Range Rover, Land Rover, Jaguar and Renault; we regularly achieve No. 1 position in the Land Rover customer satisfaction survey.

As the largest independent Jaguar, Land Rover and Renault Service Centre in Great Dunmow near Chelmsford, we offer Intermediate and Main Servicing in addition to Fixed Price Menu Servicing, to ensure and maintain the safety and reliable operation of your vehicle.

Our workshop technicians are award winning Master Technicians and our Service Team offer valuable expert advice plus direct contact with our technicians, if required. You will enjoy free visual health checks with most minor repairs completed at short notice, saving you time and expense.

For Jaguar, Land Rover and Renault service or repairs in Chelmsford, please contact our friendly reception team

Tel: 01371 483024

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 8.00 to 18.00
Saturday – 8.00 to 13.00
Sunday – Closed

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