Our British winters are unpredictable – no surprise there. Will we experience the ice and snow induced chaos of 2011, or will we have another mild, wet winter this year? Be warned however, some early weather reports are already predicting a return to big freeze conditions!

So just to be on the safe side, now is the time to start preparing ourselves for anything the weather throws at us. Let’s start with tyres: one of the most important features on your vehicle, not least because it’s the only surface contact your vehicle has with the road.

The majority of British motorists class summer tyres as standard, normal, original equipment tyres. While these are designed to offer superior grip and braking performance in both the wet and dry, they perform best in warmer temperatures. In winter, at temperatures below 7’C, the rubber compounds become hard and brittle and lose their effectiveness. Which is why we have tyres for summer and tyres for winter. But what about all-season tyres, those designed for both seasons?

Advances in technology have meant that manufacturers have been able to alter the rubber composition of all season tyres to provide the same grip on warm dry roads as summer tyres, but which don’t harden in the cold weather.

All season tyres are the only tyres that can truly be used all year round, in all conditions. They offer 90% of the grip of a winter tyre on ice and snow, while keeping 90% of the grip and control of a summer tyre in the dry and wet. This is because they have been designed with a unique tread to reduce aquaplaning in wet conditions but which also offer high density sipes to offer extra control and grip on snow and ice

There is a trade-off however. It means that summer tyres will outperform the all seasons in summer just as dedicated winter tyres will always be superior in extreme conditions. But if you are looking for the best all-year, all-round performer, not to mention the most cost effective option, all-season tyres cannot be beaten.

And speaking of not being beaten – at Taylor’s we offer a price match promise on all branded tyres, so if you find the same tyre cheaper elsewhere – we will match the price. And if that’s not enough, we offer free puncture repair for the life of each tyre purchased from us.

Call in and see us or phoneWinterreifen auf vereister Strae us on 01371 876422 for sound advice, competitive pricing and outstanding service.

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