Brakes including Discs, Pads & Shoes 

Your vehicle’s braking system is the only part on your car that is totally responsible for stopping,  you are totally reliant upon it always working efficiently at all times!

Never take the safety of your braking system for granted.

Brake Discs


The brake discs are a major part of your vehicle’s braking system, the brake disc sits on the wheel hub and slows the vehicle down when the brakes are applied through the use of friction. The vehicles brake pads grab onto either side of the brake disc due to an hydraulic piston, this action reduces your speed, bringing you safely to a stop.


Brake Pads


Brake pads are a vital part of the disc brake system. The pad itself is applied onto the brake disc surface by a calliper piston which in turn creates friction to stop the vehicle. Because of this action the brake pads are constantly wearing due to the friction and heat created by the braking process.


Brake Shoes


Brake shoes are the component within the drum brake system. The brake shoes sit inside the brake drums on each wheel. The brake shoes generally need replacing approximately every 50k miles.