Taylor’s Tyres

Your tyres are the only contact that your vehicle has with the road, so it’s vital you ensure that they are always in good condition. This means regular inspection of the tread depth and side walls, which we will carry out for you – FREE of charge.

We always carry a comprehensive stock of tyres at all times, including all major brands, but anything we don’t have can be acquired at short notice.

We have dedicated tyre technicians and service bays available to operate a fast-fit and “while-you-wait” service at all times, offering you the very best in tyre technology with top of the range fitting and wheel alignment units.

Tyres affect your vehicle’s performance, manoeuvrability and also road-holding, suspension and braking. Not to mention fuel economy and comfort. Yet 75% of motorists drive with under-inflated tyres. This uses more fuel and increases the risk of tyres bursting.

At Taylor’s we will check your tyres for FREE, to ensure that they’re correctly inflated. We’ll also check the wear and tread of your tyres and let you know if they need replacing now or into the near future.


Wheel alignment:

According to recent surveys, more than 80% of vehicles checked require adjustments to their wheel alignment. So, if your car pulls or drifts to the side, if you are experiencing uneven tyre wear or if your tyres squeal when turning sharply it could be that you need your alignment checked. We have the latest technology available on the market to detect and correct issues to your wheel alignment. This will protect your investment in your tyres by providing:

  • Correct vehicle handling
  • Even tyre wear
  • Safest stopping distances
  • Better fuel economy

Before you go anywhere else for tyres, call us for a quote, we will not be beaten on price.
We also offer free puncture repair on every tyre purchased from us.