Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers

Springs and shock absorbers form a vital part of your vehicle’s suspension system. There main function is to keep the wheels in contact with the road surface and to reduce the effect of bumps and vibrations, providing a more comfortable ride.

A good suspension system also helps to maintain vehicle stability and handling as well as helping to reduce the braking distance.


Replacing Springs & Shocks

It is common not to always recognise a problem with your suspension system because loss of performance occurs gradually over a period of time.

The spring works in an extremely harsh environment and over a mileage of 50,000 miles can move in excess of 500 million times. This can lead to sagging or actual snapping and combined with poorly maintained roads plus the use of speed bumps, this has significantly increased the failure rates in recent years.


How to test your Shock Absorbers


To test your shock absorbers try this simple ‘bounce’ test. Press down on one corner of your car and let go. Count the number of bounces before the car comes to rest. If the car bounces even twice, your shock absorbers could be faulty and need to be checked.

Any suspension fault has an effect on your vehicles handling and safety it can also lead to premature tyre wear.