Taylor’s Service Centres, a family run business based in Great Dunmow, are offering customers a full range of winter services and advice to help keep you safe on the roads this winter!

Did you know that you are six times more likely to have a car accident in the winter months, this figure increases further when road conditions deteriorate with snow and ice! It is imperative that drivers are safe on the road and ensure their car is ready for what winter brings!

Tyres play a critical role in road safety, helping vehicles accelerate, brake, steer and corner safely. Legally your tyres need a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm however, Taylor’s recommend at least 3mm for safe driving during the winter months. Taylor’s offer all customers a FREE tyre health check examining the tread, wear and inflation of your vehicles tyres and if you happen to need new tyres, Taylor’s offer a price match promise on all branded tyres.

Alternatively, if you can spare half an hour of your time, Taylor’s will carry out a full FREE winter check on your vehicle which will include a check on your tyres. Our technicians will check over your vehicle and flag up any potential hazards.

Included in the check:

Tyres:              Overall condition, pressure and tread.

Brakes:            As essential as good tyres, your brakes will be visually checked ensuring

your brake pads and discs are functioning well.

Battery:           Ensuring your battery is working effectively and is efficient for the winter months.

Lights:             External lights are checked to ensure they are working effectively.

Oil:                   Oil levels are checked.

Anti-freeze:  Levels are checked, ensuring the engine is protected during the winter months.

Wipers:           Sign for wear and tear are checked for.

Windscreen, wash and wipe system: The mechanism and function of the screen wash/wipe systems is checked.

Taylor’s Service Centre is accredited by Land Rover, Range Rover, Jaguar and Renault; Taylor’s pride themselves in offering outstanding customer service, exceptional workmanship carried out by Master Technicians and over 28 years experience in the vehicle service, maintenance and repair industry. Taylor’s also extend their expertise to specialists of premium German made cars.

Call today on 01371 483022 and make an appointment for your FREE tyre/winter check or visit www.taylorscentres.co.uk