Taylor’s are supporting Save-Our-Maddi Appeal and helping to raise funds to send Maddi to the USA for a Stem Cell operation.

15-year-old Maddi has recently been diagnosed with a very rare condition known as Krabbe Disease, a genetic condition which causes deterioration of the nerve cells leading to deafness, blindness and immobility of the limbs. The disease is so rare Maddi is the only person of her age in the UK with the disease.

Taylor’s was approached by Emily Pearson, daughter of Brad Pearson, a member of staff at Taylor’s and asked if we would help support a fund-raising event she is organising on behalf of Maddi. 1000 balloons will be released in Maddi’s name from Helena Romanes High School on Friday 17 June at 2pm, helping spread Maddi’s appeal far and wide.

If you would like to donate and help Maddi get the treatment she urgently needs, please donate via the Just Giving Page or via the Tree of Hope. All donations are welcome. ‪#‎saveourmaddi ‪#‎krabbedisease