In many countries across Europe, winter tyres are mandatory, so why aren’t they in the UK? Weather conditions across Europe are adverse with much snow and ice during the winter months and winter tyres excel in these conditions, performing at below a constant +7 degrees in snow, ice, wet roads and very cold conditions. In the UK, although we are not faced with such extreme conditions, we do encounter cold, damp and wet roads, which also dramatically affect performance on tyres, affecting steering, acceleration and braking. A full set of winter tyres delivers improved driving safety and performance throughout the winter months.

Tests conducted by the British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association found that a car braking at 60mph on a wet road at 5 degrees stopped five metres shorter when fitted with winter weather tyres, equivalent of more than one car length.

Advantages offered when using winter tyres include better road grip in colder conditions, shorter braking distances, better steering control and reduced aquaplaning. But remember, it isn’t just whether you have winter or summer tyres on your vehicle it is also about overall tyre care and maintenance to ensure you stay safe during the winter months. Tyre Safe offer seven tips that will ensure your driving safety:

1. Make sure your tyres have adequate tread depth to keep you safe and legal.
2. Make sure you check your tyres are properly inflated and check them at least once a month and before long journeys.
3. Check the tyre condition by looking for lumps, bulges or cracks and remove any objects embedded in the tread.
4. When making checks on your tyres, also remember to check the spare.
5. Consider purchasing and fitting a set of winter weather tyres, as below 7degrees they provide much better safety and grip. (speak to Taylor’s for further advice)
6. Remove any unwanted weight off the vehicles’ tyres that is not required during the winter months including caravans, horseboxes or motorcycles.
7. If in doubt, visit your nearest tyre dealer for a FREE tyre safety check.

Purchasing a set of four tyres is simple and can be fitted by any local tyre fitter for the duration of the winter months and swapped out and stored in your garage/shed once the winter is over for the following year.

Taylor’s are able to help with the purchase of winter tyres as well as the installation.

An example of a mid-range winter tyre cost is:
225/65 R17 Pirelli winter 106H retail price fitted = £137.76 per tyre.
A set of four tyres would cost £551.04 including fitting, balance and VAT.

For more information or to make a purchase, call Taylor’s on 01371 876422 to discuss your requirements.